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WesternBright ChemiPen

A chemiluminescent marker for writing on membranes

  • Improve accuracy - transform your visible protein ladder standard into a chemiluminescent standard on your Western blot
  • Annotate - permanently mark your blots with the date or blot ID
  • Compatible - with both X-ray film and CCD imagers
  • Confirm HRP substrate stability - the ChemiPen reagent glows when incubated with an HRP substrate, so it can be used to test substrate stability
WesternBright ChemiPen

R-07055-001 WesternBright ChemiPen 1 pen $ 97.00
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Write or draw on your transfer membranes with the WesternBright® ChemiPen. The reagent in the ChemiPen adsorbs to nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes, and reacts with HRP substrates to produce chemiluminescence that can be detected with X-ray film or CCD imaging.

With the proprietary "ink" you can transform your visible protein markers into chemiluminescent markers, to annotate your blot with a date or blot ID, or to check the stability of your HRP substrate (Figure 1).

ChemiPen Figure 1
Figure 1. The WesternBright ChemiPen can be used to mark the location of protein standards and to annotate the blot with a date, as in the right panel.

The WesternBright ChemiPen has two tips, a fine tip at one end that is perfect for writing on the blot or tracing the bands of a visible protein standard, and a thicker wedge tip that can be used to deposit greater amounts of reagent on the blot. Marking the location of visible protein standards on a blot is easy. Simply trace the visible markers on the membrane after transfer and before blocking (Figure 2).

ChemiPen Figure 2
Figure 2. Use the WesternBright ChemiPen to visualize visible protein standards on chemiluminescent Western blots