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Sample-loading buffer and protein stain in one

  • Instant results – see protein bands immediately as electrophoresis proceeds
  • Sensitive – detect as little as 10 to 25 ng per band
  • Fast protocol – no different from standard electrophoresis protocols - replace your current loading dye with Visio and samples labeled and ready to load after heating for 10 minutes
  • Flexible – use with reducing and non-reducing gels
  • Compatible – can be used with downstream mass spectrometry



K-11053-300 Visio 100 lanes or 10 gels 0.3ml $ 97.00
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K-11053-B30 Visio 1000 lanes or 100 gels 3ml $ 231.00
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Visio is a sample-loading buffer and protein stain in one.

Visio quickly binds to the proteins in your sample before loading, resulting in visible bands that develop during gel electrophoresis. No staining or destaining steps are required. Visio makes it possible to monitor protein electrophoresis in real time, and is completely compatible with downstream mass spectrometry.


Visio is sensitive, convenient, and does not interfere with migration.

Additionally, Visio exhibits high sensitivity comparable to Coomassie staining (Figure 1) and does not affect protein migration through 1D gels (Figure 2).

Sensitivity is equal to coomassie staining

Figure 1: High sensitivity

Visio does not affect migration of the proteins through a gel

Figure 2: Visio does not affect protein migration. Duplicate samples were run on the same gel. Samples on the left were labeled with Visio before electrophoresis, while the gel on the right was stained by Coomassie after electrophoresis.