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AdvanBlock-PF blocking solution

Non-protein blocking solution for fluorescent and chemiluminescent Western blotting

  • Low background - Protein-free block buffer for lower background with certain antibodies
  • Optimized - Stabilizes fluorescence of WesternBright MCF fluorescent secondary antibodies
  • Versatile - Compatible with fluorescent and chemiluminescent detection
AdvanBlock-PF blocking solution

R-03023-D20 AdvanBlock 200ml $ 186.00
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AdvanBlock-PF is a protein-free blocking buffer, optimized for reducing non-specific background in fluorescent and chemiluminescent Western blots. It acts quickly for shorter membrane incubation times, efficiently prevents non-specific binding, and stabilizes the fluorescence of secondary antibody conjugates. AdvanBlock-PF can reduce background when used with primary antibodies that have a high degree of cross-reactivity with protein blockers such as BSA, casein or milk protein. With low-quality primary antibodies that may require protein-based blocking agents, BSA or non-fat dry milk can be dissolved directly in the AdvanBlock-PF solution used to dilute the antibody. Provided as a 5X concentrate.